MAMIYA 645 pro tl CAMERA+ 80mm 120mm LENS 3 BAcks +++

Like New, Perfectly Working and Barely Used !!!!

Auction Package includes:

Mamiya 645SLR Main Body & Power/motor drive
Mamiya 80mm f/2.8 Standard Lens
Mamiya 120mm f/4 Macro Lens
Three (3) Mamiya Film Magazines
Mamiya Prism Finder & Waist Level Finder N
Mamiya Cable Release Adapter RC402
Mamiya Film Advance Crank AC401
Mamiya Lens Hood
Mamiya Shoulder Strap
Two (2) Duracell Ultra CR2 3V Lithium Batteries (New)
Two (2) Kodak KS28 6V Silver Oxide (New)
One (1) Sanyo 2CR5 6V Lithium Battery (New)
Pelican 1520 Hardcase (Black)
Original Product Manual

By bidding on this auction you get what you see in the pictures

Mamiya pioneered the 645SLR system camera in 1975 and has become the world leader in the medium format field. The 645 Pro-TL features fast and convenient 35mm handling, with a medium format negative size 2.7 times larger than 35mm, complete World-Class Mamiya lens and accessory system, interchangebale film magazines and viewfinders, convenient TTL/OTF flash automation and digital back compatibility.



6x4.5cm format
Focal Plane Shutter
Optional Leaf Shutter Lenses
Single Lens Reflex
Instant Return Mirror
TTL/OTF Flash Automation (645 Pro TL)


6x4.5cm, 35mm, Polaroid

Interchangeable Film Magazines

Auto-indexing Film Speed Dial
Dark Slide Pocket
Dark Slide Safety Interlock

Lens Mount



System of over 20 interchangeable Lenses


Electronically timed speeds
4 seconds to 1/1000 second
Self canceling self timer
B and T setting
Mirror up-operation
AE and AEL settings

Shutter Release

Electromagnetic release accepts standard mechanical cable release with adapter, electronic release cable, radio or infra-red remote control

Film Advance

Single Action advance with folding rapid wind crank or optional motor winders

Multiple Exposure

Single action multi switch


Precision Helicoid


Choose from waist level, AE Matrix Prism Finder, Non-metering PRO Prism Finder, SV AE Reflex Finder, SVX non-metering reflex finder

Field of View


Viewfinder Status Indicators

Battery check
Dark slide position
TTL Flash Ready Light

Focusing Screen

Type E split/microprism combination (Standard)
Five additional interchangeable screens


One 6V silver oxide, 6V alkaline, 6V lithium. PX28, 4SR44 or 4LR44


124x106x158mm (4.9x4.2x6.2")


1345g. (3.0 lbs.) w/waist level finder, 80mm f/2.8 N lens, 120 Magazine



80mm f/2.8 Specifications

Optical Construction

6 elements/5 groups

Angle of View


Minimum Aperture




Minimum Focusing Distance

2' 3.6" / 70cm

Maximum Magnification Ratio


Area Covered

11.1 x 15.0" / 281 x 380mm

Equivalent 35mm Focal Length


Filter Size


Lens Hood


Dimensions (L x W)

1.7 x 2.8" / 43.5 x 70mm


8 oz. / 220 g.


120mm f/4 Macrospan Specifications

Optical Construction

9 elements/8 groups

Angle of View


Minimum Aperture




Minimum Focusing Distance

1.32 feet" / 0.402m

Maximum Magnification Ratio


Minimum Area Covered

1.6 x 2.2" / 41.5 x 56mm

Equivalent 35mm Focal Length


Filter Size


Lens Hood

Built-in (recessed barrel)

Dimensions (L x W)

4.3 x 3" / 111 x 77.4mm


1 lb. 6 oz. / 745 g.


Waist Level Finder N

A lightweight reflex finder with self-erecting hood and flip-up magnifier for critical focusing. Opens with a single touch to provide bright screen viewing of the entire frame. Raising the center magnifier makes fine focusing quick and easy, while also creating a light-tight hood to shield the screen from extraneous light.

Converts to sports finder for 80mm standard lens and is also supplied with Finder Mask for 110, 150 and 210mm lenses.

Provision to accept diopter correction lenses. The built-in diopter correction is -1.5. For Pro & Super.
Cat. #211-310. Weight: 4.4 oz., 125 g.


Cable Release Adapter RC402

A very useful accessory when it is advantageous to access the cable release from the front of the camera. Especially useful when using flash brackets which fit closely to the camera body. Built-in locking switch prevents accidental removal.

Weight: 3.2 oz., 90 g.

By bidding on this auction you get what you see in the pictures above

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