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package consists of:

eos rebel ti
Zoom Lens EF28-90mm f/3-5.6 II Silver
Wide Strap
Lithium Battery CR-2 / 3v x Two (2)
Product Warranty and Serial Registration Card
eos rebel ti Accessories Catalogue

Manuals Included For:

eos rebel ti
Zoom Lens EF28-90mm f/3-5.6 II Silver




Next Generation Design
EOS Rebel TI leads SLR photography into the future with a design that's intelligently planned as well as artfully executed. It's comfortable to hold, carry and use... intuitive so you'll start having fun right away...and loaded with head-turning Canon Style.

Highly Advanced, Fastest Auto focus
Rebel Ti's Auto focus is not only the fastest of any camera in its class, it's the smartest. It knows where your subject is, virtually anywhere in the frame. It knows whether your subject is moving and predicts its speed. It even knows how you're holding the camera. The result? Carefree shooting with spectacular results.

Intelligent Automatic Exposure
Proper exposure makes good shots into great ones, and with the Rebel Ti, you can trust the automatic exposure system to do all the work. From sunny beach and sky scenes to nightscapes and everything in between, exposure is consistent and accurate.

Fun Shooting Options for Every Skill Level
Take as much, or as little creative control as you want! With easy preprogrammed shooting options plus semi to full manual control over exposure and focus, you'll set your own place for discovering the excitement of SLR photography.

Welcome to the EOS System
Rebel Ti is part of Canon's advanced performance EOS System.


Type 35mm focal plane shutter SLR (Single-Lens Reflex) autofocus / autoexposure camera with built-in motor drive and retractable flash.
Lens Mount Canon EF mount (electronic signal transfer system).
Usable Lenses Canon EF lenses.
Viewfinder SLR-type, eye-level roof prism mirror gives 90% vertical and horizontal coverage of actual picture area and 0.70x magnification with 50mm lens at infinity.
Mirror Quick-return half mirror.
Standard Diopter Adjusted to -1. (18.5mm eye relief)
Dioptric Correction -2.5 - +0.5 dpt.
Depth-of-Field Preview Enable with depth-of-field preview button.
Focusing Screen Fixed, full-surface new laser-matte screen marked with focusing points.
Viewfinder Information Numbers and symbols displayed by LCD at bottom of viewing area. (Yellow-Green)
1. Shutter speed (If unsuitable blinks at 2 Hz as a warning.)
2. Aperture (If unsuitable blinks at 2 Hz as a warning.)
3. Indicates AE lock or FE lock (Partial metering at center.)
4. Exposure level scale with dot indicators in 1/2-stop increments. (2 stops)
5. Lights when flash is ready; blinks at 2 Hz if flash range is ineffective during FE lock.
6. Lights during high-speed sync. (FP flash)
7. In-focus indicator. (Blinks at 2 Hz if focus cannot be achieved.)
Shutter Vertical-travel, focal plane shutter with all speeds electronically controlled. Front and rear shutter curtains both have dedicated electromagnetic release control. (Curtain speed: 6.3ms / 24mm)
Shutter Speeds 30 to 1/2000 sec., Bulb; X-sync at 1/90 sec. Can be set in 1/2-stop increments.
AF Control System TTL-SIR (Secondary Image Registration) CMOS sensor ()
Focusing Point Selection The focusing point can be selected by camera (Automatic) or by user (Manual).
Focus Modes 1. Autofocus
One of the following two AF modes is set automatically depending on the picture-taking mode. The shutter does not release until focus is achieved.
a. One-Shot AF: Autofocus locks when focusing is achieved.
b. Predictive AI Servo AF: Continuously tracks subject movement and achieves focus before the exposure starts.
c. AI Focus AF for automatic switching between One-Shot AF and predictive AF for moving subjects.
2. Manual Focus
Setting the lens' focus mode switch to MF enables manual focusing with the focusing ring.
Focus Operation Autofocus is activated by pressing the shutter button halfway.
AF Working Range EV1-18 (at ISO100)
AF-assist Beam Automatically emitted when necessary and aimed at the area covered by the active focus point.
Light Metering 1. TTL full-aperture metering using 35-zone SPC (Silicon Photocell). Three metering patterns available.
a. 35-zone Evaluative Metering.
b. Central partial metering which covers approximately 9.5% of finder area.
c. Center weighted average metering (Set automatically in M mode.)
2. E-TTL: 7-point, 35-zone pre-flash metering using Speedlite 550EX, 420EX, or 220EX.
3. A-TTL, TTL Flash Metering: off-the-film, 3-zone A-TTL autoflash linked to focusing points, 3-zone TTL autoflash metering.
Metering Range EV 1-20 (with 50mm f/1.4 lens at ISO 100)
Exposure Modes 1. Intelligent program AE with variable shift.
2. Shutter speed-priority AE
3. Aperture-priority AE
4. Auto DEP
5. Full Auto (Intelligent program AE, unshiftable)
6. Programmed Image Control Modes: Portrait, Landscape, Close-up, Sports, Night Portrait and Flash Off
7. E-TTL program flash AE
8. A-TTL program flash AE
9. TTL program flash AE
10. Metered Manual
Exposure Compensation 1. Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) up to 2EV in 1/2 steps.
2. Manual exposure compensation up to 2 EV in 1/2 steps.
3. Unavailable in the Full Auto and Programmed modes.
Multiple Exposure Up to 9 exposures can be preset. Automatically clears upon completion. Cancelable midway.
Film Speed Setting ISO 25-5000 automatically set in 1/3 step increments according to DX code. Can also be set manually from ISO 6-6400 in 1/3 step increments.
Film Loading Automatic prewind system. After film positioning and back cover closure, the film automatically winds to the 1st frame.
Film Transport Single-frame advance or continuous advance set automatically according to the picture-taking mode.
Film Wind One of two modes can be set: Single Frame and Continuous. (In Continuous Mode, with AF locked, approximately 2.5 fps and in AI Servo AF Mode, approximately 1.3 fps.)
Film Rewind Automatically rewinds at the end of roll. Midroll rewinding possible.
Quiet Film Transport Film winding sound level: Approximately 60dB
Film Transport Confirmation By up/down counting of frame counter in LCD panel.
Type Built-in, retractable TTL autoflash head in the pentaprism. Auto pop-up and serial-controlled.
Guide Number 39 ft / 12 m (ISO 100)
Flash Coverage Angle Covers the angle of view of 28mm lens.
Recycling Time Approximately 2 seconds. The icon lights in viewfinder when ready
Flash Duration / Color Temperature 1ms or less / equivalent to daylight.
Red-Eye Reduction Red-Eye Reduction lamp lights while the shutter button is pressed halfway and focusing and metering are achieved.
Battery Two CR2 lithium batteries housed inside the camera grip.
Battery Check Battery level is displayed by the battery level indicator on the LCD panel. Battery level is indicated in one of four levels.
Shooting Modes Full Auto, Portrait, Landscape, Close-up, Sports, Night Scene, Flash Off, Intelligent Program AE, Shutter Speed-Priority AE, Aperture-Priority AE, Manual Exposure, Automatic Depth-of-Field AE
Continuous Shooting Approx. 2.5 images/sec.
Date/Time Imprint (EOS Rebel Ti Date only) Day/Month/Year, Month/Day/Year,
Year/Month/Date, Date/Hour/Minute
Size EOS Rebel Ti / EOS Rebel Ti Date
5.12 (W) x 3.46 (H) x 2.52 (D) in. / 130 (W) x 88 (H) x 64 (D) mm
Weight EOS Rebel Ti: 12.9 oz. / 365 g without batteries


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