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Minolta Spot Meter F SpotMeter


Accuracy, Repeatability, Reliability...

Minolta’s Spotmeter F is designed for professionals and advanced amateurs alike.
 While looking through the meter’s viewfinder, you can take precise, 1-degree spot measurements of flash or ambient ligh


  • Precise 1° Spot Readings with Versatility Minolta’s Spot Meter F lets you take precise 1° spot measurements of ambient or flash light. Liquid-crystal displays on the meter’s side panel and in the viewfinder show a full range of exposure information
  • Accurate Flash Measurements Flash measurements are no problem with the Spot Meter F. Simply select flash mode, connect the flash sync cord, and set the X-sync speed (1/1000 to 1 second). To take a reading, center the finder’s 1° spot circle on the
  • Brightness Difference Measurements After determining the proper exposure settings, the user can quickly check the lighting contrast between the metered area and other areas. When the highlight, shadow, or average key is pressed, a "star" mark appea
  • Three Exposure Calculation Choices The Spot Meter F can automatically calculate the exposure for highlight or shadow areas. And, by using the memory function, the user can average two readings for a midtone exposure.
  • Digital and Analog Displays Exposure readings are shown digitally in the meter’s data panel and viewfinder displays. The data panel also has an analog f/number scale that can indicate up to four exposure readings. This full range of information mak
  • Data Storage Function When the Spot Meter F is switched off, the ISO and shutter speed settings are stored in memory. When the meter is switched back on, the most recent digital exposure readout and any memorized data is displayed.
...: Condition :...
it's in USED working order
we did  some tests  on it and it's  working just fine

has Some Minor cosmetic blemishes ( see pictures )
overall it's  in Excellent ++ condition
and  wan i say good  it's an underestimate :)
also  included is Owners manual on CD/r

I will Make every effort to ensure that this item is accurately described in this ad
 and that you understand what you are purchasing.
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Type Spot-reading reflex-viewing exposure meter for ambient or flash light. Measuring Method Reflected light by silicon photocell detector masked for 1° angle of acceptance. Optical System Through-the-lens reflex type utilizing semi-silvered mirror and pentaprism; focus-fixed for readings 4-1/4 ft. to infinity; with optional close-up lens, 23.6 in. to 4-1/2 ft. Viewfield: 12 x 17° with 1° area marked by circle in finder. Magnification: 1. Measuring Range at ISO 100 Ambient: EV 1.0 to 22.5; Flash: f/2 to 90 + 0.9 stop. Accuracy +/-0.1 stop repeatability Electronic Components Hermetically sealed microprocessor chip and two custom designed liquid crystal displays; display on side of unit has separate 3-digit readout and 4-digit input sections (each with unit identifications) and analog array; LCD in finder shows EV, f-number Controls Measuring button (operates only when "TIME" is displayed); key to alternate film speed/shutter speed display; increase and decrease keys for changing film speed and shutter speed; f-number/EV display selection key; memory, recall, and memory-clear keys; Digital Readouts/Displays F-numbers: f/0.7 to 90 + 0.9 stop in 1-stop increments. EV numbers: -4.3 to +28.5 in 0.1-stop increments. Brightness difference: -9.9 to +9.9 stops in 0.1-stop increments. ISO range: 12 to 6400 in 1/3-stop increments. Ambient exposure times: 30 min. to Analog Readouts/Displays F-numbers: f/1.4 to 45 in ˝-stop increments (up to 4 indications possible when using memory/calculation functions). Other Indications/Displays Analog and digital display readouts change automatically to reflect ISO/time input changes; "S", "A", or "H" on external display indicates exposure is calculated for shadows, average(midtone), or highlight areas respectively; "star" mark appears when re Brightness Difference Function When "star" mark appears in external/finder digital displays, difference in brightness between calculated measurement and subsequent readings is shown in 0.1-stop increments; calculated reading displayed again when measuring button is released. Memory 2-measurement capacity, both indicated by pointers on analog display; digital recall possible. Exposure-Zone Calculation Analog/digital readout and recall of highlight, shadow, or averaged (midtone) exposures automatically calculated for optimum correspondence of brightness range of subject with film latitude. Power Source One 1.5V AA-size alkaline manganese (Eveready E91 or equivalent), carbon-zinc, or 1.2V NiCd cell. Other Threaded PC-type terminal for connecting flash sync cord, tripod socket, and strap eyelet, ISO table, "cine" table, luminance conversion table. Size 1 7/8 x 5 7/8 x 3 9/16 in. Weight 8 ˝ oz. without battery.




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